Skan Camp is born
Blacksnake with Cora Reiser and                      Anna Stein
We began the Skan Camp with just four kids from Shelburne.  2 girls and 2 boys. Although the number of kids was small, the lodge was filled with much learning, laughter and growing in a natural way. By the next session, word of mouth had spread the good news and we had 12. The next found 19 sitting in the circle and then 27. By year two, we had a wait list of over 20 kids. Skan had come alive !
The Wolves make their own bows
Kids make torches for the beach
Sammy came at 5 years, now he' a teen!
In 1992, Skan Camp moved to Montague and became the now famous " Woodland Village." We have 7 acres on the beautiful Connecticut River. The camp does not offer swimming, but many a child has thanked the river for her cooling gifts as we dip our feet in and draw sand paintings on the beach. At night we take our hand made torches down to the beach and sit in silence as we reflect on days gone by.
Our goal is to offer a safe, loving, educational experience where children are not only allowed, but even more so encouraged, to find their place on the Mother Earth and just be who they are. We mix ages like the Natives of old did, allowing each group to learn from and respect each other's wisdom. Five year olds become the teachers of teens, and teens set a good example for the young ones. Our main focus is on honor, integrity, cooperation and respect. Lessons that need reinforcing in the modern world.  We are not a "survival camp", but we do teach our children how to survive. We work with old time tools, fire safety, solar stills, and more. We make our own bowls, spoons and cups from the trees. The Wolves Clan all made bows from the trees that they cut down on our land last year. Our camp is along the River, on the beautiful old Pocumtuck Village of Corrahagen.
Dates for the Program are July 30- August 24th and includes a 4 night Sleepover in the final week, kids are encouraged to do the sleepover but never required. There is no shame in saying " I think I'll pass this year" ( those who make this choice come for the day and go home at night).
Our fee is $ 750.00 for the month (no, that's not a typo) which incudes a one time
$ 50.00 Registration fee when you register. That's a a total of $ 750.00 for the whole month including, the sleepover. All camp fees are payable in advance by
                                                            June 1,2018.
A month might seem long to you, but it goes by in a twinkling of an eye when you are living and learning at Woodland Village. Just ask someone who has been here.
Our ages are 5-15 years, although we still have some kids who are older, and just aren't ready to leave Woodland Village yet. Our groups are mixed ages with only a few projects such as making bows reserved for the more experienced campers. The young ones eagerly anticipate the time when it will be their turn.
Hours are 9-4, early drop off and reasonably late pickup can usually be accommodated. Sleepover starts on Monday , August 20th and ends with the Naming Ceremony on Friday, the 24th at Noon.
Call for more information, we are always glad to talk about camp on the phone  1-413-695-5628
Woodland Village Now !
The average camper comes to our program for 8-10 years in a row !
Here's what we offer:
Woodland Village 74 Greenfield Road Montague Ma 01351

A letter sent to Blacksnake Woman about camp from a former camper as he is graduating with a degree in Psychology from Skidmore College.
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